The world of Mixed Reality is an umbrella for many different technologies, delivering almost limitless possibilities and benefits to all kinds of businesses, big and small. We know, however, that a lot of the terminology and technology can be confusing and seem complex, but we’ll unravel it for you. The clever stuff starts at our labs in Seattle but we aren’t driven or dictated to by technology.

Our aim is to understand and solve our clients’ biggest issues by applying appropriate technology solutions to address needs we can all relate to such as:


We have implemented solutions using Multi Person Mixed Reality Immersions so that the trainee can be in one location whilst the trainer joins from another and they share the same training scene and the same virtual equipment. This is ideal for briefings as well as it is for equipment and environment training. Without the need for workplace abstraction, training in residential locations, hotel stays, and so on this can deliver significant cost savings to businesses, not to mention it is a much more engaging and effective method of education.


Blending together visual, physical, and auditory methods we build virtual representations of dangerous environments. Delegates can be trained in dealing with risky situations without being exposed to the risk. Collaborators can discuss approaches to risky environments without the need for physical site visits. And this can all be done from your normal place of work without the need to travel.


We can place people in virtual stores, stadiums, outside spaces, and assess their response to brand imagery and placement. Attention and distraction can be measured and analysed in real time and spaces can be reconfigured at the touch of a button.


Using our own proprietary platform, we can host multiple users in the same virtual environments. People can discuss, collaborate, interact, and train from any location around the globe without the need to travel.


Gamification of experiences is hugely enjoyable; Mixed Reality is fun and it is memorable.


We believe that Mixed Reality should be accessible for all, which is why we put accessibility at the forefront of our solutions and deploy them to smartphones, tablets, and laptops just as often as we do to the highest-end VR equipment. We include adjustments such as subtitles or wheelchair settings, where they’re needed; for many of the organisations we work with accessibility is a critical requirement.

Some previous solutions we’ve created in Mixed Reality include

  • Virtual Reality bungee jumps and wingsuits

  • Multi User Virtual Reality equipment training

  • Motorway on Demand – placing people in various ‘live’ motorway situations

  • Interactive and animated art galleries

  • Helicopter flight simulator

  • Virtual Control centre training app
  • Augmented Reality apps for property, showrooms, event experiences
  • Working at Heights simulation
  • Assessment of consumer behaviour/engagement using eye tracking devices in a virtual environment


If you’d like to discuss our projects and capabilities or if you just want some advice on the world of Mixed Reality technology please get in touch. We’re a friendly team and promise you won’t be talking to a sales department…